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It's that time again! Its a New Year and time for a "New" slideshow. This one is really open to your interpretation. Please tag photos of your Doodles with anything "new". Could be a Doodle in freshly fallen snow, or a new favorite toy they got for Christmas (or any other time). Maybe a fresh new haircut or perhaps a "new" friend or a photo of your Doodle celebrating New Years Eve. The tag is    new17  ... no capital letter and no spaces.

I hope everyone had a Fun & safe New Year celebration! Happy New Year to all your Doodles & their awesome families!!!

Jan 15- Dirty Doodles... tag= dirty17    This one is pretty self explanatory. I know those of you in those winter states always complain about the mud that comes with the pretty. Here is your chance to "show off" that dirty little booger!

Jan 29- Doodle close-ups...tag= faces17   Kind of a different take on Doodle noses. Just show me those beautiful faces!

Feb 12- Doodle Love... tag= Love17   In honor of Valentine's Day, Show me photos of your Doodle with the love of his/her life. This will include your Doodle with any of his humans or furry siblings.

Feb 26- Bones/Chewing Doodles... tag= bones17   If you give your dog a bone or other approved chewie, take a photo. I have photos chewing on bully horns, bully sticks or himalayan chews. Dogs intent on their chewing can be so cute! But then again, when aren't they cute?

Mar 12- Green... tag= green17   This includes any photos of your Doodle wearing green, sitting in front of green, in a green pasture or a St Patrick's Day theme. All O'Doodles welcome!

Mar 26- Drowsy Doodles... tag= drowsy17   Do you have photos of your precious Doodlebug sleeping, or falling asleep? They are so precious when they sleep. They look like little angels. Almost makes you forget how crazy they are when they are awake...Lol

Apr 9- Doods on wheels... tag=wheels17   Doodles riding in cars, doodles in wheel chairs, pushing grocery carts, riding in wagons... you get the picture

Apr 23- Ball crazy Doodles...tag= balls17   Show me your Doodle with his favorite ball. Playing with balls or just carrying it around. Sleeping with balls or in a huge pile of balls. If your Doodle doesn't like balls, you can just show us a photo of him/her with a favorite toy.

May7- Tongues out... tag= tongue17  Doodles are always cute but those happy faces with their tongues hanging out are especially adorable! Happy, hot, tired tongues or tongues sneaking a lick of something they shouldn't have...Lol. Any Doodle tongues are acceptable!

May 21- Sticks & Stuff... tag= sticks17 Does your doodle like to pick up, play with, chew on sticks? Usually with Doodles, the bigger, the better! Lets see those cuties with their "prize".


Good question! Spud's mom, Joanne, put together a great visual tutorial here:

If you like visuals, use her tutorial.  Otherwise, try the instructions below...

1-- Upload your photo to the main photo page or your own page.

2-- In the 'tag' section of the photo put in the tag that corresponds with the slide show theme (see list above).

It's quite easy, actually. 

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Anne, I apologize again! I had to stay out of town longer than expected (and I had no Doodles with me :(

I am home now and got your pictures along with a few others!

Thanks Lori. And thank you for the comment on my pic 100_5374c.

I love the faces slideshow! Every doodle face is just so darn cute to look at! :) Thank you Lori!

They are ALL adorable, I must agree!

How about a slideshow on tongues.  I've seen some goofy ones out there!

OK...I'll contribute a photo of Penny's tongue. LOL! (I have an iPad so I have to attach the photo; I can't imbed it). Penny had just hugged my friend and given her a big sloppy kiss.

Sally, thats a great photo! You just need to add it to your page and then once I add the slideshow you can tag the photo for it.

DonMarie, we have had one before but I will definitely add it again. Those happy doodle tongues sure are cute!

Tongues have been added!

Now that you mentioned it, I do remember!  Oh well, can't go wrong with more silly Doodles!



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