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It's that time again! Its a New Year and time for a "New" slideshow. This one is really open to your interpretation. Please tag photos of your Doodles with anything "new". Could be a Doodle in freshly fallen snow, or a new favorite toy they got for Christmas (or any other time). Maybe a fresh new haircut or perhaps a "new" friend or a photo of your Doodle celebrating New Years Eve. The tag is    new17  ... no capital letter and no spaces.

I hope everyone had a Fun & safe New Year celebration! Happy New Year to all your Doodles & their awesome families!!!

May7- Tongues out... tag= tongue17  Doodles are always cute but those happy faces with their tongues hanging out are especially adorable! Happy, hot, tired tongues or tongues sneaking a lick of something they shouldn't have...Lol. Any Doodle tongues are acceptable!

May 21- Flowers... tag= flowers17  By now I'm hoping that most of us might have had some springtime weather. Are the flowers blooming where you are? I want to see your Doodles and the flowers. In front of lowers, running thru them, rolling in them... If you have no flowers, take photos of your doodle with fake flowers in their hair. Make a paper flower, anything with Doodles and flowers is acceptable!

Jun 4- Puppies... tag= puppies17  Ive noticed quite a few new members with new puppies, and also older members adding new puppies. Puppies are adorable and everyone loves to see a cute puppy photo! If you don't have a puppy, take a photo of your Doodle with a puppy or with a stuffed puppy. 

Jun 20- Fathers... tag= fathers17  Photos of Doodles with their "Daddies" whether they are human or canine. If your Doodle has no Daddy, maybe they have a grandpa? Even a photo of your Doodle with a photo of a Dad or Grandpa who cant be with you for whatever reason. Lets take a moment to honor Fathers day. (slight delay since I will be on an airplane on the 18th)

July 4- Patriotic... tag= flag17  In honor of the 4th of July, these will be photos of your Doodle dressed in or surrounded by red, white & blue. They can be dressed for the fourth or sitting by a flag, in front of fireworks (not too close, we want them safe) or at a picnic or beach with a red white or blue blanket. Get creative!

July 16- Water fun... Water17  Have you been to the beach or lake with your Doodle? Show me your photos. Does your Doodle run through the sprinkler for fun? Get a drink from a fountain? Anything with water!  If you don't have those things, have you given your Doodle a bath? That also counts as water! 

Aug 06- Group photos... groups17  Take a photo of your Doodle with their "siblings" or with their Doodle friends. The more the merrier however, Two is considered a group for this Show me your group shots.

Aug 20- Noses... Noses17 Show me those adorable Doodle noses. Big noses, tiny noses, all sizes are cute! Closeups preferred but not required. 

Sep 03- Doodle Butts... Butts17  From one end to the other. Noses last time and Butts this time. What is cuter than an adorable Doodle Butt? Show me that cute little Doodle tail. Short or long, its still adorable!


Good question! Spud's mom, Joanne, put together a great visual tutorial here:

If you like visuals, use her tutorial.  Otherwise, try the instructions below...

1-- Upload your photo to the main photo page or your own page.

2-- In the 'tag' section of the photo put in the tag that corresponds with the slide show theme (see list above).

It's quite easy, actually. 

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Seriously, no one has any photos of "new". It can be pretty much anything!

I just added and tagged.

I tagged one I already had.

Got 'em! Waiting patiently for more!

Lori, is that capital L for "Love17"? Just making sure because usually I have to remember NOT to capitalize the first letter :)  

 Yes, I guess it is. I usually try not to capitalize  just to make things simple but this one slipped by...Lol!

Lol ok thanks Lori!

It's Friday the 13th!  I predict many doodles will get dirty today!  After they do, extrude your inner patience, grab your camera, click click, post to the slide show "dirty17"'ll feel better already, knowing all us doodle lovers are commiserating with you....NOW to get that little rascal clean again!  

Late as usual!  : (  Just tagged at few for "faces17".  : )

Anne, I am out of town and won't be home till late tomorrow so I won't be able to add them in till then. I'm sorry :/
That's okay. This slideshow just started yesterday?
Yes ma'am. I'll get them as soon as I get back!



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