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So apparently Goldie at the fur off her tail. She usually has a nice lush lion tail but now it's reduced down to this. The bad part is that she is making hair ball hacking noises. This was no small amount of hair so I'm a little worried. Has anyone ever dealt with this? Of course my mind is going to worst case obstruction scenarios so freak out mode is setting in. The other odd thing is how it looks like it was done with scissors. I thought it would look more chewed up. So weird. 

Any advice? After losing Riley in May I feel like I'm on super alert with Goldie but with the amount of hair she ingested I can't help but worry. 

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Y'all!!! I seriously did NOT see this coming. Everyone agreed the tail was cut. The vet even checked her out in person and said there was no way it was chewed. Well low and behold she left me a little present wrapped in grass today (5 days later) and what do you believe was in that tightly wrapped gift? Yep- her tail!!! I had a dog that ate a baseball once but this is definitely new to me! It came out the size of a banana and VERY hard. I of course had to dissect it!  We are lucky this didn't result in surgery! 

Sorry for the icky picture but this is just too crazy not to share! 

Wow!  Poor baby!  Glad she got that out of her system!

 Good thing she barfed it up but that was a long time in her system.  What a stupid prank!  Do you have a jealous neighbor?

Poor baby! I still think that someone cut her tail....they left the remnants in the yard, and she ate it. Scary that a stranger would do that!

When my Winnie was younger, she used to love eating her hair when I was grooming her. I was always worried that she was going to get plugged up.... 

When I took her to the groomer to have her tail evened out he told me about how his Golden Retriever chewed her tail off once too and that unless he hadn't seen it with his own eyes he never would have believed it wasn't cut. He said it looked the same- straight cut looking like scissors were used. He caught it before it came all the way off and had to cut the rest off. Maybe it was done out of boredom while I was at work and when I let her out in the evening it was already gone and I just didn't notice it until she came back in. At this point who knows. lol. I'm just glad she's okay and we didn't end up in surgery to have that removed. So wild!

Well, on the bright side, it will be quite a while before she can try this stunt again!  Poor thing. Very weird!  Could she have gotten gum or something like that on her tail; it bugged her until started trying to chew the sticky whatever off?



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