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We are ready to get another dog, and considering a merle golden doodle litter.  I've seen some posts about how these coats change as the dog matures.  Does anyone have a red merle that they can show puppy and adult pictures of?

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Hi. Our sweet Willy is almost 9 years old and is a beautiful silver blue Merle. He has only silver and black markings. His coloring has stayed true and has not changed. He has had none of the merle health problems. Although his Merle coloring comes from a toy poodle, he is a large medium. He has been an extremely healthy dog other than hip dysplacia which may have been the result of the size of dogs bred.. He was a doodle to doodle breeding, but I think the blue merle toy was not far back in the breeding. I'm sure there were a lot of problems in this coloring or you would see many more. At a romp of about 350 doodles many years ago, Willy was the only Merle. I don't think the breeder did a repeat breeding.

Here is an interesting article on Merle coloring and genetics in dog breeds.

We have a red merle parti Ausiedoodle (although in pictures he appears more blue). Like others, I'm questioning the merle coloring in a golden or labradoodle. Poodles aren't recognized in the merle coloring, so not sure where it would be coming in from.



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