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here is my F1B golden doodle

she is that red colour

i was worried she wouldnt doodle out

so im hoping this discussion can give others hope :)

2.5 months

3 months

3.5 months

4 months

4.5 months

5 months

5.5 months

6 months

6.5 months

7 months

7.5 months

after her bath lol

unfortunately, we. need to use this when we walk because she pulls and pulls

it wet snowed

outside, she loved it 

8 months old

look her tongue has a heart

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She is beautiful and that face at 3 months had me just wanting to give her a big squeeze!  Love the color, I have one that is apricot as well and it's such a beautiful color.  Thanks for sharing

She is stunning! I love her coat!

added 7 months :)

Love her evolution! She's really cute.

She is so cute. Those faces she makes. 

Agreed ... sure hope my family's 'doodle will be half as expressive, adorable, and heart-grabbing!!!!

Thanks for posting her progress. I have a 3 month old in the same color (f1b) and she looks to me like she will have a open face and a flat coat. However, she does have some fuzz on the top of her head which makes me wonder. So far, she barely sheds, so that is the most important to me.

aww youre welcome

thats why i made this post, to give others an idea.

when i first got meah i was searching all over the net and could never find a puppy that looked like meah 

does your puppy have those hair wings under her eyes?

added 8 months pictures

meah doesnt shed when you pet her !!! BUT, i noticed i have to vaccuum EVERY day i keep finding little clumps of her hair all over the house?!!?!! im hoping its just her puppy fur thats shedding, shes never been this bad lately, but its really bad LOL

I LOVE LOVE her scraggly look!



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