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Does anyone have trouble with their doodles jumping over fences? Our golden doodle Murray is an excellent dog, although still a little more rambunctious than we had hoped for a 2 1/2 year old, and in his excitement, he jumps our fence and escapes. Thankfully, this only happens if he sees a neighbor dog he wants to go play with, but that's still a huge problem. His springiness and leaping abilities are pretty astounding. Is this a doodle thing? We are at our wit's end over how to prevent this. Any ideas? 

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That is the company we were looking at, and the 1/2 mile is the one we thought was best! Awesome to have that confirmed. Many, many blessings! (And I love happy ending stories. Some of our children came home to us from tragic beginnings - some even after being in a couple of different homes first. Our newest son was 7 and was a handful after so many betrayals and heartbreaking emotional abuse. It's so beautiful to watch the healing that takes place when love and training and consistency that results in trust work their magic. In the hearts of children and dogs. We've seen it happen in both.) I will PM you as you suggested if we have more questions as we go along. 

We use Gun Dog Supply too! I have the 1/2 mile remote but the one with vibration, tone and stimulus. It's awesome! I think it's called Sport Dog SD 425. The charge lasts for a LONG time and it recharges FAST. IT also works great for when our black doodle goes INSANE with the door bell. TOTALLY bonkers. The other doodle just sits there and looks at him like...UH, a little much buddy.

We use the vibration for the door. He doesn't like it. It feels like a wii controler or xbox controller when a bad guy is coming or your character gets knocked over playing  a game in wii sports. Kinda neat if you ask me.

So grateful to all of you who responded to our question. We feel like we have some really good direction now. It helped a lot just not to feel so alone in this challenge. Have a wonderful week, all of you! Stormy start to spring here in Cincinnati today. 

Oliver is "Bob Barker". He is 8 months old. I am a big wuss, but want the pros and cons of E collars. No zap but vibration?? We are in training and working on speak and quiet.....but, he just discovered squirrels. Thank you in advance for your help. Kathy, your dog is gorgeous. Sounds like you have a lovely family too. Bless you



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