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Does anyone have trouble with their doodles jumping over fences? Our golden doodle Murray is an excellent dog, although still a little more rambunctious than we had hoped for a 2 1/2 year old, and in his excitement, he jumps our fence and escapes. Thankfully, this only happens if he sees a neighbor dog he wants to go play with, but that's still a huge problem. His springiness and leaping abilities are pretty astounding. Is this a doodle thing? We are at our wit's end over how to prevent this. Any ideas? 

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Just posted a picture of our 4 dogs and one of our 19 still-at-home kids with the two of us. 

What a beautiful picture!!! 

I'm a bit confused with the electric fence.  If you place it at the top of the split rail fence and your dog jumps over it, even if your dog touches it, he wouldn't get zapped because he's airborne - I think you have to be grounded in order for it to zap you.  If you put it lower and your dog touched it with his nose or body it might deter him from going near the fence again but I don't think it would work near the top.  If it's lower, then the kids could also get zapped.  We live in rural BC and they are all over - our neighbours have one on top of the split rail fence bordering our property and I'm still too chicken to touch it and I have to warn our grandkids constantly cause they like climbing the rails to feed the horses and it is hard to see.  I do know that a very long time ago, on a walk with our dog, she sniffed at an electric fence that we didn't know was there and I've never seen a dog jump so high after being zapped. I felt so sorry for her.  Mind you, she never went near that fence again! 

That's a good point. I have no idea how that would work. Murray's back feet are definitely off the ground before his top feet would touch the top of the fence. Emily, I would be curious to hear what your neighbors have to say. We should probably go and talk to someone at a farm/feed store to see what they have to say about it. 

I think it works because Nala, the Golden, would stand on her back legs to attempt to peek over. Or she would be on her back legs to jump toward the fence, on the fence and against the fence. So any combination of that, her paws or belly would come in contact with the wire  on the fence and I think I see 2 wires. One lower and one higher. I will go snap a picture tomorrow. She can't go totally airborn over it. BUT when only 3 zaps, she DOES NOT go near the fence. She just stands in the yard far back jumping to peek at me.

What I am about to say is controversial with many in this group.  We ordered an e-collar for Elli, our rescue.  I was outsdie playing with my two girls, and Elli spotted the neighbor dog...She was with us 3 days and jumped our 4 1/2 foot fence...ran all over the neighborhood with me clopping in my snow boots behind her.  I had not had time to get tags on her and I was petrified that she did not know the area.  So through the deep snow I ran with tears in my eyes chastising myself for being so trusting.  Fortunately, that story had a happy ending and she came back to me safe and sound after having herself a 30 minute tour.  I immediately phoned my trainers...yes, I have 2.  We put the e-collar on Elli and allowed her back in the fenced area.  As soon as she put her paws on that fence, we zapped her.  She was trained in less than 3 days.  Many think this may be inhumane, but I believe that if she was to get hit by a car or other horrifying situations would be worse for her.

Elli has been with us over 2 years now and has not even attempted to jump the fence.

I thought this was cute when she first came to visit...I just assumed she wanted to look over the fence...our other dog never did it was new to me....lesson learned

What a great picture!  I know that I would also use an e-collar if my dog's safety depended on it.  I have always wondered if the dog would always have to wear it or if they would figure it out after a few days.  You have just answered my question. 

Elli no longer wears the e-collar when out in the fenced area.  However, I continue to train her with an e-collar when we are walking in the woods off leash, or she is in an unfenced area.  She is 8 years old and extremely smart.  She will turn on a dime when I give her the command "here".  Currently I am training her to "watch me" in the woods...know where I am, instead of me having to constantly be calling her so she stays within eye sight.  And yes, I had a trainer teach us how to do this...well worth the money.  Makes our walks so much more pleasant.  BTW, the reason I finally hired the trainer for off leash walking was because even tho I thought I was being careful with Elli, she managed to get away from like a speeding bullett...then she would finally find her way home, but she would be skunked, burred, or quilled.  Miserable....not to mention expensive.

I was too afraid to post about an E collar because last time I did, I got BLASTED. It's not inhumane at all. We have one for each of our doodles and they are pawsome. People don't realize they have  different settings and even have  just a tone setting or just vibration or a stimulation ( zap) on TEN different levels of stimulus. Such a great tool when USED PROPERLY!  :)   Way to go! I totally would do the exact same thing if I had a fence jumper. I just offered the horse wire because of our neighbor's dog.   

I meant to reply under your response but it replied further down. LOVE your solution. I totally do the SAME thing. E collars saved our dog. They are awesome when used properly!!!   :)  :) Scroll lower to see what I said and Kudos to you!

She is so tall! :) And her color is beautiful! Such a great picture. Thank you so much for your input. I think this is probably the route we will go. We did some research yesterday afternoon to find out the best collar for this purpose and have some ideas. If you have a specific one you would recommend, we would love to hear that. 

I also appreciated your comment below about hiking. Scott and I, as parents to so many children with so many special needs, are blessed with family members who step in and make it possible for the two of us to get away a few times a year for a little rest together. We always take Murray with us for these getaways to a quiet cabin in the woods. He used to stay right with us off-leash on our walks through the woods, but over the past year, he started bolting and ignoring our commands. This sounds like a good method use as we begin retraining in this area. 

I deal with gun dog supply.  They have given me great customer services over the years.  I get the 1/2 mile collar, but they have 1 mile collars...more expensive.  I would think with the proper training that the 1/2 mile will be sufficient.  If your darling is ignoring your basic commands, I would re-condition that command first.  Using the e-collar for that is great too.  If you want more information from me, please PM.  Elli has come a long way since we adopted her off craigslist.  She was 6 years old, we knew she'd been in 2 other homes (maybe more) and couldn't even leash walk.  Very wild and energetic.  Did lots of damage to our siding on our pole barn and inside woodwork on our cottage and tore right through her mesh crate!  So, the e-collar has saved her and she's turned into a wonderful companion.  She was always sweet, so now we think she's sweeter because we trained her to control her behavior...makes a world of difference....and she won't have to be looking for another home!  Good dog trainers are hard to come by.  Hope you have one that knows what they are doing.



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