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Hello, I recently put a deposit for a goldendoodle which is a F1B. Mom is a Goldendoodle which is very poodlish and dad is a golden retriever. Attached is a picture of the most curliest baby at two weeks. Is he going to be a true goldendoodle with curls/waves with long coating? This is my first dog and want to make sure I am getting I want looking for. Appreciate the help!

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Very few reputable breeders are breeding doodles back to Goldens; that's actually a "reverse" F1B. F1Bs typically have one doodle parent and one Poodle parent, and the purpose of that is to help ensure a non-shedding coat. I would be suspicious of any breeder who is doing the reverse.

These pups are far too young for anyone to be able to predict what they will look like as adults, or what kind of coats they will have. 

I respectfully disagree with Karen--I think the pup will have a wavy coat for sure--but not curly--by crossing back to a golden, they are creating pups that are 75% golden and only 25% poodle, thus greatly increasing their chances of shedding. I am not sure why any reputable breeder would make this cross and then sell them as Goldendoodles since it goes against what people are trying to accomplish with the poodle cross.....RED FLAG!!

So you only disagree with me about predicting the coats, lol. 

Oh, yes, of course, Karen--sorry to be misleading!! :)

More pics at week four. What are the chances of turning into more poodle?


The curly ears tell me that the pup will most likely have a pretty wavy coat. Winnie (my redhead) had ears like that when she was that age.

You never know for sure, but I think this pup will look like a doodle - wait til week six and a better prediction can be made..

Both of the pups in the photo have wavy hair on their face.  I was told by someone who has been breeding Doodles from about the beginning that the wavy face will indicate a wavy haired dog as opposed to a curly face (poodle like) or straight haired face a retriever like dog.  At least this was the advice we used when we went about choosing our Molly who is now 4 years old and has a wavy coat. We were told to ignore the body hair and concentrate on the facial hair.  

Thank you Rose. If you have a picture of your puppy when she/he is around 6 weeks, can you post please? I will be visiting the pups this weekend and the pic will be a good reference.

Looking forward to seeing new pics. of puppies...

I don't.  I never saw our Molly until she was 8 weeks old and ready to leave her mommy.

The pup that I am thinking about is now 5 weeks and got some more pics. Middle one in the group which looks different is the one I am thinking. Two more closer pics attached too. Any comments if he will be fluffy/curly/doodly?




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