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Hello, I recently put a deposit for a goldendoodle which is a F1B. Mom is a Goldendoodle which is very poodlish and dad is a golden retriever. Attached is a picture of the most curliest baby at two weeks. Is he going to be a true goldendoodle with curls/waves with long coating? This is my first dog and want to make sure I am getting I want looking for. Appreciate the help!

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We took our office kitty to vet and she had a pile-but she sheds normally. I believe after seeing that- animals do shed when stressed but again she is a heavy shedder!

My Jack is now 15W 2D and is in kennel while I work-and no fur no shedding at this point.

Any new pix?

Here you go :)

What a cutie!
He is getting BIG!

He is simply adorable!

Todays pic

He is getting bigger and curlier :)

His face is getting curlier and body is very wavy. Everyone asks if he is a retriever though.

He has a stocky little puppy body so that is probably why.  People assume that Ned is a poodle.

Your baby is so adorable.  Here's a picture of Skadi at 3 months.  There looks change so much as they grow more and more gorgeous every day.  Skadi sheds some, needs brushing every day.  Wavy coat.  You can go to our page and see how she has changed over the years.  She will be 7 in July.  Enjoy your baby.

Skadi is so beautiful. Is he same mix doodle and retriever?

Skadi's mumma was an English Cream Golden Retriever.  Dad was a white standard poodle.

12 weeks now!




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