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When did you start allowing thIs?

Honey has been with us for a week and is doing great! Rings the bells to go outside and Is have less house accidents each day. Lots of nipping but I know that is to be expected. She is so sweet and cute. She has done really well in her crate at night- I have one in our room. She is usually up once during the night to go out and then I put her right back in her crate and is quiet! She also loves being in our bed and we let her nap with us there while we are still up. Wr are tempted to let her just stay in bed with us through the night. I know it's probably too early, mostly because she still can't get on/off herself and she isn't fully housebroken and she could get into stuff in our room. When did you feel it was safe to let your pup stay in your bed through the night?

Adding some new pics :)

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Finn was about 4 months old when I realized 1) he was not sleeping in his crate and 2) he would start to whine at the break of dawn.  After a night in his crate, I would take him out and when I brought him in, he would make a beeline to my walk-in closet and pass out on a small pile of clothes. After some "investigation," I discovered he was quiet but awake ALL night.  Silly little guy. So I put a fleece blanket on the bed and he slept soundly until I got up.  Never had an accident.  Never chewed anything (on the bed). He's 6 now and he still has his spot on the bed :-)

So funny!  Myla always loves lying by our clothes!  When we come in from snowshoeing, she lays on the carpet by the door until she dries off, BUT, she always has her nose on our mitts or hats and if they're not there, our shoes!  She just constantly needs to have her nose on something of ours!

Question On Sleep Noises:  Sometimes I hear Teddy making what sounds like a "hiccup" noise for a few seconds while he is in deep sleep or at least something deeper than normal resting......anybody else ever hear these noises ?  Like a "whoop-whoop" sound or something.

I can't tell if it's an involuntary sleep-thing or digestive.  

Just want to make sure it's normal...if not, I may try and get it on videotape and take it to the vet.



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