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Our 10 month old F1B medium Goldendoodle "Finnigan" was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last month. We can feel his hips clicking when he walks and sits. He is also starting to have some pain. He had x-rays last month. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Rimadyl can also be very, very tough on the stomach. 

I'm so sorry you are going through this.  My Finnegan was diagnosed at about 20 months with HD although there were earlier signs. Weakness after puppy play.  Uncharacteristic exhaustion.  Sometimes a hind leg would "hitch" and he'd hop on 3 legs for a few seconds and then be fine.  The exhaustion made the vet think it was Addison's but those tests were negative.  Then he started showing signs of pain after exercise and sometimes could not even get up and walk.  X-rays finally revealed the HD.  The breeder wanted the X-rays sent to the OFA for confirmation which we did.  Surgery works in some cases but it was not recommended for Finn. He was treated with Dasaquin (a joint supplement) and Rimadyl as needed. I changed his exercising to shorter frequent walks with varied speed on grass or dirt, shorter play sessions, and more free exercise.  I looked for a pool for swim therapy. Unfortunately, none near us but you might have access to one.  Keeping their weight down is important. Thankfully, Finn is now almost seven and he's had few problems and needed little Rimadyl with changes to our routine. He still gets half a rimadyl if he's going to have a very active day -- like going to the beach.  You can't pick him up or he will yelp in pain. He's a bit suspect of bigger heavier dogs at play.  And his hind end wobbles a bit more.  But he  still runs and plays his heart out. I would have had the surgery if the experts thought it would help him. But things have turned out well, so far, considering. As others have said - be sure to contact your breeder.    

Sorry to hear about sweet Finnigan.  I hope everything works out with the breeder.

Have you seen a surgeon for their opinion?

I would also recommend you have him assessed by a rehab professional, they will give you a home exercise (strengthening) programme and be able to advise you on suitability and amount of other types of exercise. This is one of the best places in the GTA

Yes, Finn sees an excellent orthopedic specialist/surgeon once a year for an annual exam - or if any problems come up in between. This is the same doc who diagnosed him.  We got a second opinion from University of PA when he was diagnosed.  Will have to read through your site.  It looks very interesting.  Thank you!  I'm sure it will help others as well!  Give your Finnigan a hug from us!




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