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Hi everyone, 

We are going on two months of Giardia with our Hamilton. My husband and I are at our wit's end with this stuff. Hamilton is currently on his 4th treatment of panacur/ proviable. We are cleaning up after him every time he goes, cleaning the spot where he goes with a water/bleach solution, wiping his paws and bottom, washing his bedding on hot, giving him a bath at least once a week, monitoring him when he's outside. Is there something we are missing? Does anyone have any experience with a dewormer stronger than panacur? The good news is it doesn't affect his mood at all and is eating just fine, it's just a pain! I also want to take him to daycare again (we used to take him on Fridays as a treat) but he's been on house arrest. 

Regardless, he seems pretty proud of himself. Hoping the end of this stuff is near! 

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There are some strains of giardia that are resistant to the usual treatments and require something stronger. We have had a discussion about this in the past; puppies who have come from the Pacific NW in particular seem to have problems with this. Let me see if i can find the discussion for you. 

Thank you! :) 

I did find this discussion:

You might talk to your vet about options. 

This discussion is also related:

And this discussion contains some info on options for treating giardia as well as bacterial overgrowth:

Thanks, Karen! This was very helpful. I am hopeful that this last round of panacur will knock it out but if not I know the names of some other options we can talk to our vet about. 

I'm glad it helped. Hopefully the next fecal will come back clear. 

Hang in there.  Tigger took six months to be clear.  Apparently the parasite is most vulnerable to the medication only at a specific stage in its development.  It certainly is a pain to manage until they get a clear stool.

Oh goodness 6 months! I'm not prepared for that! Thank you for the encouragement, it certainly is a pain! I'm just glad it doesn't affect his mood or behavior, just a nuisance. 

Samantha, our Charlie is a rescue - and he is from the Pacific Northwest.  When he came to us he had some parasites as well as being stressed from being re-homed. We had two rounds of Panacur and Metronozyl (never spell that right). We used Proviable but it wasn't working (we were having poo explosions every time we stopped the Metro...).  At Karen's suggestion we went to a limited ingredient grain-free (since we already used grain=free for our other dogs) kibble and went to a human probiotic that Karen's vet recommended for her Jack.  It is called VSL#3 and must be kept refrigerated.  It is a bit pricey, but it works.  We purchased ours at CVS.  We kept it up for about a month and it worked.

Charlie seems to have a sensitive tummy and we are careful what we give him. Stress is not his friend :-}   He recently was injured and the vet put him on an antibiotic. We were careful to give him Proviable at least two hours away from the antibiotic. We patted ourselves on the back for dodging a poo bullet..... until he completed the antibiotic and.... poo-splosions, even taking the Proviable.   We went the LID route and purchased more VSL#3. He has been on it for about three weeks now and finally seems 'okay' so we are gradually weaning him back to his normal Orijen.  We will keep him on the VSL#3 for another week or two even if everything seems perfect.

I don't know if what we did for Charlie will work for Hamilton, but it might.  The difference here is that Charlie DID get rid of the parasites after two rounds of meds, he just had the residual diarrhea digestive system....

Good luck.  (when you consider the price of the VSL#3 vs. the cleaning up poo drops throughout the house and yard, it is sooooooo worth it).



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