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Hi all, Winston went to the vet this morning because he's been lethargic and showing signs of a UTI. The vet tech noticed his abdomen was swollen and said there's loose fluid in there. They did a full blood panel to check liver and kidneys and other things and I booked a consultation with an internal medicine specialist tomorrow morning for an exam and ultrasound. I know this particular vet tech has a history of overreacting so I'm trying not to get too crazy about it. Does anyone know what this could be?

Winston has been generally unhappy and unwell for months now.  After the surgery I saw a few glimpses of the old Winston but it was rare. I keep thinking with this treatment or that he'll get better.  I want him back so badly, but I'm starting to think I'm not going to get him back. He keeps developing new issues and he just seems so unhappy. The last few days he hasn't even wanted to get up to greet visitors and has had zero interest in toys or play for weeks. He doesn't want to come up the stairs anymore and can't get in or out of the car or on the furniture by himself. 

He's only 11 so technically if I could get him well again he could have another solid 2 or 3 years or so. But it seems more and more that he is giving up.  I'll see what the internist says tomorrow but starting to feel like if I manage to fix this issue I'm just dragging things out for him until the next thing that comes along. :(

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