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Just doing some research in hopes of determining the best fit for a dog. I am in LOVE with golden retrievers but I just don't think we can take the amount of shedding that comes with them. We are not allergic, and are willing to live with some shedding but just not THAT much. We have considered a golden doodle but honestly aren't a huge fan of the curly coat/teddy bear look. After some research I've found some websites that say certain golden doodles end up with a "flat coat" that looks more like a golden but still has reduced shedding. Here is a video I've found of one of these dogs: 

Anyways, through my research hit seems that it can be hard to find one like this? From what I've read it's most common in the F2 generation but I'm not sure if that means it's impossible to crop up in other generations?  CONFUSED. Live in Ontario and just trying to figure out what the options are! Any opinions would be appreciated :)

PS from what I've read here the shedding varies greatly from dog to dog I'm just wondering if there's anyone that has a flat coated golden doodle that can compare its shedding to a golden retrievers? Is it actually less at all or am I just dreaming?


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Yes but Teddy is not a flat coated doodle, or a first generation doodle. :)
The OP doesn't care for the curly, teddy bear looking doodles, which we know have a better chance of being non-shedding. She wants to know if the flat-coated, non-doodley looking goldendoodles who look like retrievers shed as much as Goldens. :) 

Yes that is exactly what I was asking! But it looks like the people who claim to have this combination just happened to get a one in a million chance. 

Which is why I will never be a Moderator here at this site !  :-)

Our f1b mini goldendoodle is as you are describing. She is similar to Pippa (who is just absolutely stunning! Hi Lori!). Our Dog Nala actually looks like a mini retriever, but with many poodle qualities for sure. As far as shedding, I never had a pure retriever so I can't compare, but Nala sheds seasonally. We see it in October and then again around April. This is where she has what I call a heavy shedding. I will hold her and be full of hair. Otherwise there is minimal shedding. Sometimes not at all.
When she was a baby she looked totally poodle! We love her so much. She is just an amazing dog, now 1.5 years old.

I think maybe your best bet would be to get the Golden Retriever so you would have the look you like. I'm thinking most goldendoodles are doodly, but as you can see some of us have the retriever look.

I will be honest in saying that part of the reason we went for the goldendoodle was the fact that they are touted as non-shedding. Especially the F1b. But clearly that isn't always the case. And we love Nala so much I gladly deal with the hair. I actually can't imagine having a doodly one. Lol

Not sure if I helped. I am new and by no means an expert. But I can tell you that my husband wanted the doodly doodle and he is in LOVE with Nala hair and all :)
I'll try to stick a picture of her on this post.
Good luck!

Nala is gorgeous! Uh, that face just gets me every time! Pippa is also F1b and their little faces look so much alike.

OMD, who couldn't fall in love with Nala!  Her eyes are so full of expression, almost soulful!

Your dog is gorgeous! I would love one that looks like her :)  I think what you have sounds like something we could handle- heavy shedding seasonally with minimal shedding the rest of the year like you described that's exactly what I think we would be okay with! But by the sounds of it that is very coincidental and it would be next to impossible to pick out a puppy and predict those traits early on.  :(  Thanks for your input !! :)

Awww. Thanks so much for the kind comments on Nala :)
Honestly, I think most people who want a Goldendoodle want that adorable teddy bear look, and that is what we thought we were getting. Nala was very curly and poodle looking as a pup. But obviously things changed and we think she is just beautiful inside and out. I think you just love what you get, kind of like your kids. Lol. You don't care who they look like. They are yours :)
Anyhow, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the dogs mentioned here. And I guarantee you will fall in love no matter how they turn out ;)
I never knew the power of a dog. She is my first. We got her to help with my middle boy's anxieties and he kept asking for a dog. Well, she has an amazing effect on all of us. Just a joy to have.
Take care,


I have raised some straighter coated Labradoodles that shed less than a lab--but do shed. You might have better luck with a labradoodle since the coats tend to be thinner than a goldendoodles--but no guarantee! Mixed breed!

To be honest we got a Goldendoodle for the same reason. My wife wanted a Golden Retriever but didn't want the shedding. Well if there is a Golden Retriever that sheds more then our Rosie I don't think it would have any hair. You can give Rosie a good brushing she will stand up and shake out her coat and the air will be filled with even more hair. 



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