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Just doing some research in hopes of determining the best fit for a dog. I am in LOVE with golden retrievers but I just don't think we can take the amount of shedding that comes with them. We are not allergic, and are willing to live with some shedding but just not THAT much. We have considered a golden doodle but honestly aren't a huge fan of the curly coat/teddy bear look. After some research I've found some websites that say certain golden doodles end up with a "flat coat" that looks more like a golden but still has reduced shedding. Here is a video I've found of one of these dogs: 

Anyways, through my research hit seems that it can be hard to find one like this? From what I've read it's most common in the F2 generation but I'm not sure if that means it's impossible to crop up in other generations?  CONFUSED. Live in Ontario and just trying to figure out what the options are! Any opinions would be appreciated :)

PS from what I've read here the shedding varies greatly from dog to dog I'm just wondering if there's anyone that has a flat coated golden doodle that can compare its shedding to a golden retrievers? Is it actually less at all or am I just dreaming?


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The dog in the video is not just flat coated, he/she also has what is called an "open face", which means that he did not get the gene for furnishings, which is the beard, long hair around the muzzle and over the eyebrows, that give doodles the "doodle-y" look. Most doodle breeders are trying to produce dogs who do have furnishings, since that's what most people who are attracted to doodles want.  This type of goldendoodle in the video is going to shed, probably heavily. Whether it's as much as a Golden Retriever is kind of hard to say. Hair all over everything is still hair all over everything, lol.

I have a mini Open face Doodle as well as a Golden Retriever. I can tell you that yes, she does shed tons, just like the Golden! There may be less of it because she is smaller but that is the only reason. I love her to pieces and wouldn't change her for the world but it is difficult to find any of my dark clothes that are not covered in hair. I keep a dog hair roller in my car to get the hair off before I go somewhere.

That is one incredible tail!!!  She always looks like she's smiling!

She is a happy girl with the most fluffy tail!

This is pippa? She's gorgeous!  :) Thanks for the input that's exactly what I wanted to know!

Thank you Danielle! I was hoping for less shedding but she is a professional! Thats OK, She has my heart.

I have a not-flat-coated goldendoodle. He doesn't shed as much as a true golden, but only by about 12 hairs per hour!  Our car is covered in fur, we can't wear dark colors. My point is that even doodles that look doodley can shed almost as much as their parent retriever.

I have the same thing with Jack...I am sure that he sheds more than any purebred retriever. 24/7, hair coming off of him year round, all the time. Everything in my house is covered with hair. Clean laundry coming out of the dryer has hair embedded in it. 

Sometimes I turn my clothes inside out and use the roller and then do the outside so I can get those little embedded ones. Sometimes you just have to pick them out separately...Lol! My husbands joke is when we leave the house he will say to her "Now you stay here and shed for us OK?"


I wear a lot of fleece, and that's the worst for dog hair! But the absolute worst is that I find dog hair on the towels and washcloths, the clean ones right out of the dryer! 

Yep, that IS bad! One day I took the hose from my vacuum and tried to suck the hair out before putting more clothes in. I think it works but thats a lot of work every time! 

Teddy is a Toy doodle....I've seen some hairs in his water dish but I haven't seen anything noticeable in my apartment. Granted, I'm a single guy and my eye for stuff like dog hairs and dust isn't as sharp as most people's.  Now if my mom were to go over the place, maybe the hair sheddings might show up but so far, I can't see it....LOL

Funny thing is, when I brush Teddy, it picks up loose hairs after a few strokes but I'm not seeing anything "clumpy" in my apt. Just a stray hair in the water dish...nothing in my bed, the mat outside the shower (where he waits for me) or even in his pillow beds or the sofa where he rests/naps/sleeps.



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