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Hi, someone mentioned this to me today and was wondering if anybody was using it for their Doodle ?

I have a FitBit for myself and like it alot and was wondering if this would be useful in tracking steps/miles/activity for Teddy my 7-month old Goldendoodle puppy.

He's not running with me or anything, just basic walks, occasional visits to a Dog Park, and fetch inside and outside.  Plus whatever he does when I am out of the house, which appears to be mostly resting/napping/sleeping.

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(1)  Teddy had his most active hour ever today, 6000 Barkpoints in about 1 hour at the Dog Park.  His daily goal is 15,500 (hits it or comes very close if he goes to the Dog Park that day) so that's alot of points for 1 hour.  

(2)   I mentioned to the CS people that they need more choices for dogs during the setup, specifically hybrids like Goldendoodles and Labradoodles.  I had to input Miniature Poodle for Primary and Golden Retriever as Secondary breed. Once they have enough people for each breed they can then give you specific data information on those breeds rather than you have to compare generically to Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers or Poodles.  Also mentioned Standard, Mini, and Toy Doodles once they incorporate Doodles as an option.   But 1st things 1st......LOL

(3)  They have a Friends/Invite option which I told them would be really kick-ass if they had more hybrid dog choices.  That way, you could see data specific to your breed and you could also send out Friends Invites to other Doodle owners in your area to maybe meet up at Dog Parks.  I've only met 1 other Toy Goldendoodle in 6 months and it would be nice to meet others at set times rather than randomly. Even setting up meetings with Goldendoodle Minis and Standards would be nice.

(4)  It's  nice not having to count the number of times I take him out and for how long and whether he moved 95% of the time or only 60%.  A 30 minute walk can consist of me standing still with Teddy for 10 minutes as I talk to a neighbor.  And another 15 minute walk can include 10 minutes of energetic dog play with a neighbor's dog.  The FitBark tabulates all the activity using their algorithm so at the end of the day you can see if your dog/puppy was active or really more sedentary that day.

I ordered one about 8 months ago and love it.  Our mini goldendoodle swam with it all last summer and it worked fine.  At one point, it started acting up (wouldn't reboot when recharging - didnt seem related to water) and the company replaced it promptly.  Our goldendoodle is 4 years old and would love to sleep all day and sometimes that is easier, however not the healthy lifestyle I would like him to have (or the weight gain that sometimes occurs)  This helps  motivate us to take him on walks and encourage him to play and when i see at the end of the day that he has only reached half of his goal, I know we will try harder the next day.  I dont necessarily know if it is the best way to track activity but it definitely gives us a trend and a way to compare his activity from day to day.

Great feedback, Elizabeth....just curious, how many pounds is your Mini and what kind of Barkpoints does he get daily ?  Teddy's had his for only 1 week or so and he's averaging just over 14,000 per day.  But without a visit to the Dog Park every day he'd probably be closer to 11,000 or so.



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