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does anyone know if my Meah will have a facial beard?

she's 8 weeks old and is that red colour

she's an F1B 75% poodle and 25% GR

mother is a poodle, dad is a golden doodle 

thanks in advance

her hair on the top is wavy/curly as well as her ears 

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awww she's so cute !! what a difference 

I can't really tell whether she will have an open face or not, but she looks very much like my son's standard poodle did at that age.  Meah is gorgeous.

wow she does, except your son's is a little more curly, but I'm sure meah will get just as curly lol

Not really sure if she will get the facial furnishings, but either way she is ADORABLE!

thank you :)

I have no idea, but she is so adorable!!

thank you :) 

she does have hair under her eyes as you can see.. I fluffed it out to show .. but not sure if shell end up getting a facial hair lol  my first doodle 

I do think she will doodle out.

yay can't wait

She does not look like she has an open face.  I agree with Karen.

thank you :)



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