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Hi everyone does anyone have a goldendoodle that shed,can anyone help me control the sheding.We got a goldendoodle because we figure thay would not shed
any help

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ours sheds but not badly, we can control it fairly well with regular brushing plus the brushing can be a good bonding time with dog and owner.
Most F1b's shed LESS, but even an F1b can't guarantee non-shedding. How often do you brush your doodle? Sometimes regular brushing helps control the amount of shedding. Some dogs also shed more in certain seasons.
We brush her once a week,we are going to brush her more often to see if that help
I would do it daily...make it a regular daily routine and use a GOOD brush. What kind of brush do you have now?
I purchased a groom rake short teeth yesterday. It did seem easier to comb her with it. I also use a comb. I have tried a slicker brush, but I'm not sure how well that works. I have been trying to brush her every day or every other day during the last week. Do I just need to brush her daily as I notice she is shedding so bad?
I really like the Chris Christensen brush (about $20-some) and you can see info on it in our Review page where I wrote a review about it. Chris Christensen also makes nice slicker brushes too.

Others really like the Les Pooches brush but that one is pricey ($70-90?).

I would say start daily...see how it works...and then you can taper off to only a few days a week and see how THAT works.
We used to groom Dyson every day and we can sometimes go as long as 3 days between brushing. We use a combination of comb, slicker brush and a wooden pin brush and a FurBuster but since he has lost his puppy coat we haven't used it in a long while. We have also had him clipped so his coat is shorter now. In any event he sheds much less than any breed that does shed so we are happy with that but would love a non shedding pup but it wasn't in the cards for us :)
Hi Rachel, just curious to hear if your breeder told you that your pup would not shed?
We told the breeder that we were wanting a f1b because they were suppose to be non-shedding. When we first got her, she did not shed. She is now almost 1 year old and the shedding has gotten bad. I have only had her trimmed once and that was just a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if trimming helps the shedding or not.l
That's interesting. As a breeder myself, I try to make sure that there is a perfect fit between owner and pup. And if you told the breeder that you were interested in her pups because you thought they didn't shed, then I think the breeder should have told you that she cannot gurantee that the coat will not shed. I am sorry that you expressed what you wanted and were not heard.
Hi Rachel, I read that your GD is about 1 year old...... I know that my Lucy, an F1, shed very minimally until she hit about 11 months old and then OMGoodness, it was like night and day. Her fur was coming our all over the place and alot of it. She was going through losing her puppy coat and getting her adult coat. This lasted about 4 months. It was terrible just because my husband is NOT a dog lover and when I got Lucy told him she would not shed. HaHaHa. He was not a happy camper throughout that time. Since she has gone through that shedding has been at a minimum. I never brushed her daily, but have started doing that and now all the hair I see is what is in the brush. I do have a Les Pooches brush, but when her fur is very long like it is now it does not do the job well. I bought a cheapy metal comb and it works quite well. AND she likes it. So good luck, I think that is what is happening with your dood.
I think Karen's correct. Now that you mentioned her age it is VERY common for doodles to lose their puppy coat at close to a year old and that takes a few months before they are back to normal. So if she did not shed much before...she may go back to that within a few months.



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