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I am in need of a new shampoo & leave-in conditioner for my 7 month old dood Ferguson.

Ferg has very tight curls, that get easily matted. I have done research but I would love to hear what everyone else has tried and loved!


Does anyone have any recommendations?


Morg & Ferg

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Hi Morgan!

I groom my 3 and have a little side grooming hobby/business as well. I have tried a LOT of different products on my dogs and the dogs I groom. By far my favorite shampoo is called Minksheen- it's a moisturizing shampoo that smells fabulous. It can be diluted up to 1:8 with water, but I dilute 1:1 so that the smell lasts longer. And for a spray, I would recommend Christ Christensen's Ice on Ice. You can get both of these products on Amazon.

Thanks so much, I will check them out!

Is he an Australian Labradoodle?  They seem to have the curliest coat.  I use human shampoo on my dogs and like the scent of Herbal Essence.  We all use that.   I would not recommend conditioner as it tends to make the hair sticky (both humans and dogs). Wash and rinse well and forget the conditioner.  That is my recommendation.

Interesting . . . I have two Australian Labradoodles and neither one has a curly coat. And conditioner is a MUST after I shampoo them or else it's impossible to get a comb through their coats when they are dry. 

He is an F1B Goldendoodle. Most of the litter was wavy but his was the curliest by far.

Yes agreed, I have to put on the leave in conditioner and use a comb when his hair is wet.

He is an F1B Goldendoodle, thanks so much for the recommendations!



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