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Quick question for the people who have boat loving doodles. 

Have you had any problems with dog nails damaging the vinyl seats on the boat? And is there a good solution? Don't they make those nail cover things for cat claws? Do they make those for dogs too?

And have you had any issues getting the dogs back into the boat if they go swimming? We have a runabout with a swim ladder. I assume I could pick her up with the handle on her life jacket. But then I think it might be more difficult than I imagine. Can I teach her to climb the ladder?

We have a Bimini top for the boat. Will she get too hot if she stays on the boat, even if she's shaded? 

I think it would be so fun to have a boat dog! There will be an 11 month old baby on the boat too, so I don't imagine that we will stay on the water longer than the dog can handle. But I've never had a boat dog before.

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Thanks, Stacy. My husband tries to ban the camera from the pontoon :) I go out on the paddle board and yell at him to throw the ball, so I can get these action shots. LOL

We’ve been boating with dogs for the past 18 years on the Colorado river.  Never have had issues with the nails, but I usually keep a towel on the seat where they jump in/out at the dock.  As for the ladder, our 85# lab got the knack of putting her back feet on the lower rung and we would assist her getting in with her vest/collar.  This is our first river season without her and it’s going to be hard.  Our doodle doesn’t have the knack to help so it’s a full lift out of the water but she’s only 55#. She does, help with her front feet.  As for the heat we keep them wet and water on board.  Have fun!


That's a similar style boat to what we have. They look so happy out there. I hope my girls like the boat too. I think we can probably lift them back into the boat. Maggie's only about 50 pounds. I just think she'll weigh a lot more when she's wet! 

Our dogs LOVE boating!  They wore jackets that I could lift them out of the water with.  33#’s and 44#’s.  

No problem with nails. 



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