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Hi, everyone! I introduced myself a while back, and then things got a little crazy. In a nutshell, my Mom is looking to bring either a Standard Poodle or a Doodle into her life, and we are in the process of doing careful research to see which kind of dog would be the best match for her and her lifestyle. She is looking for an older puppy or young adult, and is open to working with either a reputable, responsible breeder, or a rescue to find the right dog for her.

My Mom lives alone in a townhouse in an urban residential neighborhood. She has a small, fenced-in area (maybe 250 square feet?) in back, and is committed to leash walking. My Mom works, but would be able to come home at lunch for potty breaks. Also, my sister has offered to let any potential new dog come to her house for “day care”. There is almost always someone home at my sister’s house during the day, as well as my sister’s nine-year-old Goldendoodle, Abby. My Mom also lives very close to a fantastic daycare and boarding facility, which I will strongly encourage her to utilize (my two dogs used to go there before they started having issues with new dogs).

She is also committed to training. We had Standard Poodles when I was growing up, and trained and showed them in obedience. She is looking to earn the CGC title at a minimum, and potentially do therapy work, so long as the dog enjoys it. As it has been a long time since she has had a dog, and a lot has changed since then, I am putting together a reading list of books on science-backed training and behavior.

I understand that every dog is an individual, and when you have a cross of two different breeds, it can be a toss-up as to which traits are inherited from which breed, but I do have some broad, general questions that I hope you all can answer. I thank you all in advance!

My dog, Chester, sees a Veterinary Behaviorist, who mentioned one time that she sees a disproportionate number of doodles in her practice. For the senior members here, which behavior problems to you see people posting about most frequently, and in your opinion, do the issues seem to be rooted mostly in nature or nurture?

Someone told me a while back that Goldens can be prone to same-gender aggression. Have any of you found that to be the case?

What about Separation Anxiety? Does that tend to be a big problem with doodles?

Does there seem to be a significant difference in temperament between Goldendoodles and Labradoodles? For those who are familiar with purebred Standard Poodles, do either GDs or LDs differ in significant ways from their poodle ancestors?

Is there anything else we should be aware of that I haven’t mentioned?

Again, thank you so much in advance!

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Thank you all so much for all of the insight!

Coincidentally, the rescue from which I adopted Sebastian posted today about a beautiful male Doodle they just took in. My Mom has filled out an application, and we are waiting to hear back so we can try to schedule an appointment to meet him. Fingers crossed!

Even if this boy and my Mom end up not being right for each other, I am happy that he will end up in a wonderful home!

My fingers are crossed!  Good luck to your mom.  Keep us posted.

Thank you! We met him today, and I think he’s pretty perfect. He’s a year old, and very calm and sweet. He needs a heart worm test, and he has some dark patches of hair loss on his skin which need to be checked out by the vet.

He has double dewclaws, which combined with his calm demeanor, make me think he might be a Pyredoodle. I am familiar with a good many of the Livestock Guardian breeds, and think that his personality is more poodly than Pyr-like. I think that because my Sebastian has Pyr in his mix, and he was quite the handful as a puppy and adolescent, the possibility of Pyr being in this boy’s mix may scare her a little, but I am working to ease her mind.

I am totally in love with this boy, and would bring him home in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have two boys. He is going to make someone very very happy, I just selfishly hope it’s my Mom!

Good luck!  Keep us posted.  Perhaps three dogs isn't too many?????  :-}

Nancy, thank you so much! The good news is that the sweet boy we met at Sebastian’s rescue has gone to a wonderful and loving forever home. Unfortunately, it is not my Mom’s. She had been approved to adopt him, and decided not to. I still think she made a mistake, but am glad that he is in a home where he will be adored.

After looking at the photos I took of him while we were there, we each independently had a suspicion that he might have some Wolfhound in his mix, as well. His head seemed to have the shape of a Wolfhound, and he seemed to have rose ears. You could definitely see the pinks of his ears when he had them folded back. From a temperament standpoint, we both agree that Wolfhound would be a good fit for her. She was scared of the Wolfhound’s short lifespan. Her heart dog was the Standard we lost to Osteosarcoma at the age of 7. My Mom hasn’t really ever recovered from that.

I would have taken this sweet boy in a second, but Sebastian and Chester are both hit-or-miss with new dogs. They tend to like poodles and doodles, but aren’t so friendly with other males. We are in the process of working on it, but...



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