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I'm doing a soft poll.  My dog has eaten parts of so many different dog toys over the years (she has been with us 4.5yrs now) and I'm wondering if this might be linked to her development of malignant Histiocytic Sarcoma.  She has eaten parts of Kongs, Nylabones (both of which are supposed to be BPA and phthalate free) and various other plastic and fabric toys.  Let me know if you have a dog with cancer, and if he/she has had a similar behavior with toys.

Not looking for answers, just interested in getting some data.

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No cancer, tons of toys chewed and parts ingested.  To my knowledge my guys haven't killed a Kong, but they chew up some other rubber toys; Nylabones; stuffies - chew squeakers up and I know some stuffing has made its way into them. The dog I lost to cancer was not a toy chewer at all - maybe gnawed on a Nylabone occasionally.  None of mine have eaten clothing or socks.

Mine doesn't get or like Nylabones and his Kong balls are intact, but in his first 3 years he chewed through those Tuffit toys and others lined with some kind of NSA material.  So far, at 7, he's ok (fingers crossed).

Nylabones (the non-edible kind) are actually the only chew objects that Jack's IMS told me were safe for him, partly because they can't trigger an immune response.

I lost one doodle to liver disease and one to cancer, but the vet told me that she has found many things in the stomachs of dogs.  Usually, it just comes out in the poop if it is small enough.   My dogs all eat their toys.  I think that is part of being a young dog.  Usually, pieces are small enough that they just pass through the system.



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