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The husband doesn't seem to care if she doesn't doodle out, but the wife seems to want the doodle look.  He won in the pup picking.  What do you think?  Is she going to be disappointed?

Her stocky little build makes her look a lot like a labrador retriever, but she has no lab in her, she's a golden retriever cross.  Her hair is very silky to the feel.  

They named her Lola, she's 6 weeks old in the photo.  clicking on the link below will open a larger photo. 

I'll do my best to keep this updated so people can see the final product, they live near us. 

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What a cutie.  I just posted a picture of Skadi at 3 months.  Hard to tell how doodle ly they will be, but yours is adorable!  They change so much over the years and each phase is more delightful than the last.  Enjoy and take lots of pictures.  Check Skadi's pictures on our page...see how they grow!

I think she will doodle out.

Looks much like your pup. CeCe was a foster.

CeCe is beautiful

She is.



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