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I know a lot of celebrities do--I saw this picture and guessed that maybe it was a doodle but maybe a Portuguese Water dog? I know she is allergic and has had difficulties with that in the past because she had a bulldog--looks like she finally got one she was not allergic to!

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Hmmm. She had gotten what looked to be a Shepherd mix back in 2014 after the bulldog died, and she still had that dog in April 2015:

Now she has a different dog? I wonder what happened to the last one. :(

Too much sneezing? I did see the posts of her with the shepherd mix and wondered the same thing. But this might not have been taken at her home and maybe it is not even her dog!

I did think about that, but there were two separate articles with different photos of her and the same dog, dated almost a year apart, so I think it must have been her dog. And I'm not a big fan of "dog swapping", for any reason. I think people need to put more thought into it before they get the dog. What if she'd had an allergic reaction to the doodle? 



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