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So, my Willow will be 1 yr old next month, and her coat is shedding like crazy! I knew her coat would favor her lab mother, but I had no idea she would shed this much. 

Is she just losing her puppy coat? Is this a seasonal thing? 

I just read something that said when a dog's hair reaches it's max length, it will fall out. Maybe that's what's going on. In that case, I'm thinking of getting her hair cut shorter. Is there anything specific I should ask the groomer to do around her face or tail, so she will still look doodley?


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These are the last pictures I have of Katie at 8 1/2 months before I had her groomed for the first time. They really do go through a coat change! I kind of didn't believe it until afterwards. Her coat is completely different now. It doesn't grow like that anymore. I loved her crazy puppy hair! 

OMG! The cutest! 

Thanks! Willow is gorgeous as well. I wish you could have seen the look the groomer (not my current groomer, it took me a couple tries to find the right one) gave me. If looks could kill! But she really wasn't matted. She was just really long.

From my 80 pound shedder...

The problem with a shedding doodle is that once you find out they are shedders you are already doomed...we were so smitten with Meg that we had to learn to live with it.  I still grumble about it frequently but could not imagine not having her so we wear clothes that match her color, run the Roomba every single day, vacuum up the tumbleweeds and just in general deal with it.  Here is a picture of what we get off with the furminator twice a week for just a few minutes, what is not in the picture is what we brush off her daily and what the Roomba picks up, and still when she shakes she throws hair every where.

Tammy, off topic. For Christmas i gave my sister the lots of doodles calendar since both my girls made it in and it was in her truck! Lol. She called last night gushing over your adorable Willow. She's raised GR's for many years, I think she's on her 4th or 5th one now. She's new to doodles and fell in love with my Sassparilla, but i think Willow just trumped my girl! Lol Just thought you'd get a kick out of it, you have a secret admirer. I have a feeling Willow will make her outhouse wall, which sounds odd but is really an honor on the island! Lol
On topic, my Sassparilla is also an f1 Labradoodle and I am very fortunate that she doesn't shed or matte, Josie on the other hand is a Labradoodle/greyhound mix and makes up for the both of them and then some! As someone else mentioned diet does play a role, Sassy had horribly course hair until I switched food, now her coat is much softer. Sassy's coat also grows real slow, I only need to groom her maybe 2-3 times a year??? It's been a while since your message so I hope her adult coat is what you hoped for, she is beautiful.

Aaahhhhh! Thanks for sharing this story! I am absolutely obsessed with my Willow! She just makes me so happy! Doodles have such great personalities, and I love how goofy and playful they are!

She is still a shedder. I took her in for a grooming in April, and the groomer trimmed her hair shorter and did a great brushing job on her that removed tons of hair. We had a good 2 months of very low shedding! Ha! I would say her coat isn't too wirey or coarse...she actually has pretty soft hair. We know the family who has her brother. He looks identical to her, but for some reason, he doesn't shed. Lucky me!

Willow eats grain free Canidae Lamb Recipe. I thought about trying Salmon, because someone told me it would be good for her coat, but we haven't switched yet.

Thanks again for sharing your story! 


Clue: "the groomer trimmed her hair shorter and did a great brushing job on her that removed tons of hair. We had a good 2 months of very low shedding!"  Hint:  Get her groomed by the groomer every two months!  :-}

Ha ha! I should have began my last post with....upda


Oops!  I'm not sure why half my post didn't show up!  It is supposed to say...

Haha! I should have began my last past with....Update! We figured out a good grooming and brushing helps minimize the shedding!  

It's a catch-22 though, because while I hate her shedding, I love her long scruffy look!

Our Clancy is a fairly heavy shedder.  ONCE we tried cutting him pretty short and it was a disaster.  We live with hair on our clothes, embedding in our blankets and rugs, and sometimes in our food simply because I like his look.  I will say that he does shed less than my daughter's lab.

So cute!



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