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Gunnar is super treat motivated.  Now that he is 15 weeks and getting taller, he can stand up and put his paws on our kitchen table and even our high counter tops.

He is definitely NOT invited to my poker game... LOL

He does obediently get down every time he is told to by me or my wife, and the kids just push him off, but the kids also drop tasty crumbs by accident and our son loves him enough to share occasionally.

Gunnar loves eggs more than anything in the world.

Even though he obeys a stern "off" command, I hate doing it 30-40 times at dinner.

He has been such a great dog, very few potty accidents as long as we pay attention to his signals, very obedient, doesn't chew things that he's not supposed to, doesn't puppy bite hardly at all and never hard, even with the little kids.  He goes to his crate on command and has slept through the night in it since day one.  He will occasionally ignore a command and walk the other way, but does so with the guiltiest expression ever.  He really does want to obey.  If he were any more obedient he would be a robot.

I've taken to crating him during dinner, but I would rather train it out of him.  I've resisted doing so with treats because he is smart enough to equate getting up to the table then obeying the down command with a free treat.  Then I'm the trained one.  :)

Any advice?

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That's great!  The best thing about doodles is that they love to learn and are so darn smart - sometimes too smart for their own good lol!


Smoked a turkey for Sunday dinner.  Apparently it was just too much.  Early in the day, gave him a few raw pieces I had trimmed from the tail area and checked for bones (not in the kitchen, but in his bowl in the laundry room) after I had finished prepping the bird for the smoker.

Dinner time came and he was having the hardest time staying on his rug and away from the table.  My son got up and went to refil his drink and BAM.. Gunnar sprinted over popped up and started chowing down as fast as possible.  Had to grab him by the scruff and pull him off before sending him back to his rug.

Got my son a new plate and we finished dinner.

Was carving the rest of the bird for leftovers at the high counter after dinner, took two steps away and Gunnar attacked again!

Most of the bird had been picked clean and packaged but he went for it.

Had to scruff again and give him a NO.

I want to be able to give him treats in his bowl, and not condemn him to a life of dry kibble, but he was a monster last night.

Don't let one setback deter you. :)

But maybe he doesn't get any more tastes (or previews, lol) for awhile. :)

Not deterred, he is the best dog.  Just tummy motivated.  He is also still a puppy despite his growth spurt.  Just gotta keep teaching him.



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