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Dear Doodle Lovers:

What do you recommend as the best shampoo for Doodles?  I like to bring my own shampoo and conditioner to the groomer and I was using Best Shot.  I like it very much but I thought I would check in with the wisdom of the group and ask your opinions.  Sophie sheds, she has wavy, not curly hair.  It is much more like a Golden Retriever than Poodle.  I appreciate your help.  Thank you.


Sandy Jardine

Sophie's mom


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Here is what I have bought so far and liked and not liked. Hattie gets (needs) a bath every week for some reason. She hardly spends any time outside but she even looks dirty at the end of the week.
Bubbles and Beads-liked the shampoo and smell but didn't like the beads as they didn't dissolve very easily
Planet Dog Shampoo-like the shampoo and like the smell (minty) but I think it doesn't leave a great shine
Minksheen-hate the smell. It has some kind of bug repellent in it, yuk.
Chris Christensen-on order
Milk Bath-on order
I like the Tropiclean and Earthbath brands - both 100% natural
We had a hard time finding a good shampoo because I personally don't like the perfumy smells, and also wanted something very gentle. Decided to try regular old Johnson's Baby Shampoo, diluted a bit, and it works great. Nutmeg does not itch afterwards and I don't sneeze from the smell. And it doesn't sting her eyes :)
We've tried a bunch of different shampoos...all to alleviate various skin problems...dry skin, sensitive skin, etc. Everything seemed to make Lola itch , and her skin was always really dry. I started using the shampoo I use for myself (either Dove or Pantene) and it works GREAT!!! Her coat is always shiny and silky soft, and she hasn't had any skin problems!

Wow!  This post is interesting!  I use Milksheen 4 in 1 shampoo, but like Sandy says, it does have a funny smell to it.  Although after I put his conditioner on (from Chris Christensen) I can't smell it anymore.  My biggest gripe I guess with the Milksheen is that it doesn't really lather up, so I keep putting more & more on, which I probably don't need to do.


Sandy anybody who has used Milksheen - Do you get the Milksheen shampoo to lather up??? Is there a different shampoo that lathers better?


When I used to bathe my former dog, I used Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo & I loved that smell.

the Wahl lathers brilliantly and you only need a little.
No Minksheen didn't lather up for me either. All the other shampoos have lathered.
In my last post I called the shampoo I have on order Milk Bath but it is really, Pearls Au'Lait Half & Half
I use brands of Baby Shampoos

A long time ago, I heard that baby shampoo was bad for dogs, and always wondered if that was true. Apparently your kiddoodles haven't had any issues with it, have they? Which brands do you use?

I do not bathe my dogs as often as  many people do.  Maybe 6 times a year.  I've used the basic Johnson and Suave.   I dilute these too.

Another reason is that pet shampoos seem to slide that insecticide ingredient into some of the products.  Human products are not permitted to do this in everyday shampoos.

Right now I have Suave and I've used Johnson Green Baby Shampoo.  I love to use the Shampoo/Conditioner, no more tangles types.

My Spud, HATES the smell of many of these products so I have to be careful.  He literally GROWLS with the smell of Mane and Tail

Really though, if you can afford it, there are great products out there for dogs. You can find some of these mentioned in the Grooming Group here on DK

Darwin has never had a problem with baby shampoo... and he has pretty sensitive skin.
We have used Main and Tail on Darwin, with good success. Also, we have used Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, which also works great.



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