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I'm looking for a Bernedoodle breeder but there are not many out there. We LOVE Bernese Mountain dogs but my daughter has severe allergies. I'm thinking this is the PERFECT dog for us. Any advice? Thanks so much!

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I am sure it would be a beautiful dog but not so sure about it being low allergy. We have a neighbor with a Bermese (Harley) and she is beautiful but her person says she sheds like crazy and I can't even touch her I am so allergic. It would probably take a 2nd or even 3rd generation.
Remember that when you mix two breeds...some puppies will resemble (in looks or shedding or personality or all three) ONE breed and others will resemble the OTHER breed. No way to guarantee shedding in a mix. The ones that shed least will probably NOT look like Bernese and the ones that look like Bernese probably will shed more. Poodle mixes are not just non-shedding versions of the other breed...they are mixes with various genetic combinations. You need to be ready for any combination before committing. Just in case the dog sheds.

But just looking at pups it's a gamble. There are probably only 2 Bernadoodle breeders I've heard of (most of us have labradoodles and goldendoodles and we have lots of recommendations for breeders of these types of doodles but none of Bernadoodles). However we don't permit breeder recommendations in the main forum (though anyone is welcome to contact you privately).

I recommend you read this article and then substitute Bernese health testing for the stuff that listed for labs/goldens:
Very good point to metion Caitlin! I cannot go NEAR a shih-tzu and they are non-shedding but I wheeze, sneeze and itch when I am around them.
I have two bernedoodles and they are absolutely amazing - love them to death. Neither shed but their coats are different. Ella has a very thick "wool" (?) coat, is built more like a bernese, but has more of a poodle personality. She is loving but can be aloof and stubborn. Harry's coat is what I think they call a fleece. He looks like a giant standard poodle but is just as sweet as can be and loving to the point of obsessiveness. They came from Nebraska, but the breeder has since retired. There is a breeder in Canada - very expensive - $2200
Oh Margaret... i wish so much that breeder in Nebraska was still working. We live in Colorado and our families are in Nebraska. I am worried about getting a Bernedoodle from someone far away and then having trouble with the allergies. This is the dog I want in the worst way... Where do you live?
WE live in Wisconsin. Wondering why you want a bernedoodle. We got the bernedoodle because I was afraid the goldendoodle I had a deposit on would be too small and I stumbled onto the ad. When Harry and Ella were around 45-50 pounds, I thought "this would have been a nice size". These are big dogs. I would imagine that a berners temperment is similar to a golden. If you google bernedoodle you will find some breeders in the midwest. One is breeding berners with a labradoodle. As far a allergies, remember that when people are allergic to dogs, it is not just their hair but the dander which all have. Good Luck!

Hi!  Were you ever able to find a bernedoodle breeder?  I am very interested in finding a breeder.  I would love to find a 2nd or 3rd generation bernedoodle so that I can get to know their parents.  Thanks!

Sophie, did you find any west coast breeders by chance?  We live in southern California and would love one of these dogs!!!

Please keep breeder referrals to private messages, thank you!



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