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I found out something new last night thanks to my ignorance.  Be CAREFUL when playing in snow, specifically, hard snow.

I was playing fetch with Teddy last night on a grassy field covered by some snow.  Teddy could walk on the hardened snow without falling through it, unlike fresh powdered snow.  I left footprints because of my weight.

Well, someone else had done that earlier in the day or week (left footprints) and I wasn't thinking.  When I threw the ball after a few runs, Teddy's leg or paw got caught as he was running full speed about 30 feet away from me.  He immediately pulled up and sat up and started whimpering like 8-10 times.  I ran over to him like Usain Bolt and picked him up and took him home.

He walked around gingerly at first, but seemed better after a few hours.  I contemplated taking him to the all-night clinic (I feared a broken leg or arm/paw) but after talking to them they assured me that was highly unlikely.  Later we went for another walk and his gait seemed OK; he later climbed/jumped off the couch and my bed.

May take him to the vet today even if it's a wast of my $$$ just for the piece of mind.

This stupidity was my fault and I take the OR night.....especially if you have a dog with small careful of playing/running in hard snow with footprints or imprints that your dog can get their legs/paws stuck in.

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I'm sorry this happened to poor Teddy. 

Poodles, and especially small Poodles, are prone to knee problems. Rather than a broken leg or foot, what you can get from this type of thing is a pulled or torn knee ligament, which is actually a much more serious injury in the long term than a break. I'd keep an eye on him, and if you see anything that seems "off", I think a vet visit is a good idea. I hope he's fine. 

Thanks Karen....I will see how he is today around the neighborhood or the Dog Park and if I see anything off, I'm taking him right in.  If I see him moving like always, I'll assume he doesn't even have any ligament or other issues.

I just wasn't thinking last night and I blame myself.  I'm an idiot.

Karen, do you think something pulled or torn can be intermittent ?  I've seen Teddy at times lift his left rear leg and walk a bit funny.....for a few minutes during the day....then, he flies around the dog park or walks/runs/sprints normally.  I won't see anything weird for days....then he lifts it off the ground like it's broken.  Could also just be an involuntary reaction, I don't know.

I figure dogs are like us and have cramps, pains, etc...that come and I don't want to overreact.  I'm assuming if something was pulled or torn, it'd be persistent or noticeable.

Not necessarily. I have a herniated lumbar disc that bothers me at times and at other times, doesn't. 

A healthy 8 month old puppy doesn't have cramps, pains, etc. ever. Neither did we when we were little kids, unless we were injured. That's always a sign that something isn't right. 

I would talk to the vet about this. Orthopedic problems are not something to guess about, and the sooner you get them checked out, the better the outcome and the less chance of it becoming something permanent. 

Will I said, it's usually when he is stationary or sitting or maybe walking slowly that it is noticeable, if it shows at all.  When he walks briskly or runs, things look A-OK.  FWIW, I haven't seen the 5-second limp or gingerly-putting-down-of-his-paw in days.

Again, it goes back to the Original Snow Incident where I was sure he got his foot stuck in a footprint, then I saw in daylight that the footprints were not that deep and were 5-10x his paw/foot/leg size and getting it caught seemed impossible.

But I agree, better safe than sorry and the vet will check him out.

If it continues I would have hm checked by a vet. Smaller dogs are very prone to problems with their knee cap as it tracks in the groove at the bottom of the thigh bone. This often leads to intermittent lameness or what is often described by owners as 'skipping' on one rear leg.

Thanks, Stella....

If it continues I would have hm checked by a vet. Smaller dogs are very prone to problems with their knee cap as it tracks in the groove at the bottom of the thigh bone. This often leads to intermittent lameness or what is often described by owners as 'skipping' on one rear leg.
Don't know why this posted twice!!!

Isn't hindsight great?! This would not have occurred to me either. I am sorry Teddy is hurt and hope his injury is minor.

Thanks Nancy.....Just took him out and he ran around a bit after a ball I threw.  Had a "hop" halfway in this run 1 or 2 times but nothing else seemed out of the normal.  I have to assume if he had a broken or torn anything he wouldn't be running or hopping but walking/dragging.

Checked the stupid footprints today, they're really not that small so he either just banged his feet or maybe even he hurt his genitals ?  I don't know but it's not like anything should have caused his foot to "grab" -- the footprints are all 1/2 to 2/3rds of his body size so not something his little feet should have gotten caught in (like a grate or a hole).

I dunno, just gonna stay clear of that for now.

I had a scare a couple winters ago.  Picco went out to get the morning paper and was running back and slipped on a patch of ice -- luckily just a scare, enough to get my attention!



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