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We have had our new pup, Maggie, for 2.5 months now.  Her coat has changed some but we were wondering if she will doodle out more and how long they go through coat changes.  I have posted pictures at 9 weeks and 14 weeks.  Any guesses on how her coat might turn out? Do you think she will look more like a doodle as an adult? No shedding yet.  It is almost like part of her has a doodle coat and part is retriever.  She seems to be retaining her red coloring but I hear that can change, too.  

Her mom is an F1 and dad is F2 . Do you think she will doodle out more?  Also, mom is 32 lbs and dad 36 lbs.  She already weighs 25 lbs at 4 months! She was middle of the pack when we picked her out. Has anyone had a pup that was bigger that both parents?

We never saw our first doodle as a pup.  He is pictured in my profile.  He was a rescue and they guessed he was 1.5 years when we got him.  Never knew about coat changes until I did some searching after Maggie came home.


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I'd say at least 20% of the members here have dogs who ended up bigger than both parents, lol. There's a good chance Maggie is going to weigh well over 40 lbs. :)

I'd also say her color is going to fade quite a bit as she gets older, but that takes years, not months. 

As for looking like a doodle, I think she does look like a doodle already, and that will become even more so as she gets older and her adult coat comes in, which is typically between 8-12 months. But I also think she's going to shed after her adult coat comes in. 

She might have a combination coat--some parts are curlier than others--but definitely doodle-y! She will get way more hair and furnishings as she matures.

She is beautiful.  I agree with Karen and Ginny. 

I agree with Karen, Henry's parents were both at/under 50# and at 5 months Henry was over 40# and looks like he will reach anywhere from 55-65+ when he is full grown. His breeder said that his grandparents on the mothers side are larger standards then his parents.

Coats are a funny thing aren't they? Henry is turning 6 months and his parti-colored coat is two different textures; brown is already coarser and very tight curls and the white is still his baby fur and has very loose, fleecy curls that have a tendency to mat around his groin area. He's a regular at his groomers and already has full furnishings. Doesn't help that we romp at the park in back of our house each morning and the sprinklers turn it into a swamp in areas so he is a hot muddy mess all the way up to his shoulders every time and requires a shower to wash off all the mud and grit.

Thanks so much for the feedback everyone.  She is such a good girl. It will be interesting to see how she turns out.  Haven't done "puppy" in many years and never a doodle pup! 

She was groomed yesterday and definitely looks more like a doodle.  Weighed in at 26 lbs.  Guess she will be bigger than both parents!  :)



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