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Looking for some advice here! I am now into week 2 of having Cooper home and last week I went from being on vacation a couple days, to working from home on the couch (while he was in the play pen beside the couch) to eventually working from my home office while he was in the pen.

This week, even though I'll be working from home all week, I want to gradually get him into spending some time in the crate while I work so that it's not a huge shocker if/when I do need to go to the office. I was thinking that for the mornings I'd put him in the pen while I work (letting him out every hour or so) and then try the crate in the afternoons. I am finding it hard because I feel like I SHOULD be out playing with him or giving him attention because I'm home (feeling like a bit of a neglecto-mom) but, at the same time, I know he needs to get used to it otherwise things will be worse down the road. Plus, I also need to be productive while I'm working!

Anyone else in this same situation - working from home but trying to establish a good independent routine for their pup? I want to ensure he's still getting enough exercise and attention in. Here is sort of what a day would/could look like right now (this will change as he gets older and can go to parks etc...)


-Wake up (8 a.m.) and go out for a pee

-Morning walk/Starbucks run for mum (8:30 a.m.) - usually walk around the block (for now) and say hi to Coopers friends

-Some play with mum for 15 minutes or so then into pen (usually he crashes)

- Out for a pee (10 a.m.)

-Some play with mum for 15 minutes or so then into pen

-Lunchtime walk around the block / some fetch/play outside & feeding

- Back in the pen (nap time!)

- Out every couple of hours if he's sleeping or sooner if he's up

- dinner time!

- evening walk

- I usually give him free play/nap out of the pen after dinner... but just make sure that I can see him and pay attention to what he's doing at all times

- Out every hour at this time

- evening play (he goes crazy at night... he's a night owl for sure!)

- out before bed then bed time


Looking for some tips as I feel like he's spending a lot of time playing/sleeping in his pen even though I'm making sure he gets out and has some play and interaction regularly. Am I a neglecto mom? Be brutally honest ;).


Elizabeth and Cooper

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I think that sounds fine.  If your mind has to be focused on work you can't supervise puppy and yes puppy being okay with confinement is important!  Boca is crated off and on through the day as it is necessary with a toddler (for me) and I don't trust her unsupervised yet.
I think it's fine because you are "working" if you worked outside of the home he wouldn't have that time around you. You also take him out to potty and a little play. Puppies sleep a lot and I think you need to do the crate thing before it gets harder for him to understand. I know it's hard knowing that he's out there, but he's fine. Now get to work!! LOL!!
You are doing a wonderful job as a doodle mom. You are attending to all of his needs throughout the day from training to cuddling. It is great that you can work from home and enjoy your puppy as much as you do.
You are not a neglecto mom.  In fact, you are teaching your dog excellent life skills.   In the future when he has to go to the vet or groomer or travel in a crate for longer periods of time, he will be relaxed and comfortable.  Good job!
I think the crate time you've described is fine.   Try to think of it as if you were out at the office and what a lucky little puppy you'd have that you were coming home to let him out to eat, pee, play, etc on the schedule you have now.   I think it's a "mind thing" and you have to try and think of yourself as you're not really being there.    Sounds like you're off to a fine start!
I think you have a good system. Cooper is a lucky puppy to have you around so much! During the day Teddy stays in his pen and he's fine. Even at 8 months, he still needs a lot of sleep. I normally leave for work at 8:30 am, so on the weekends Teddy is exhausted and ready for his nap by 9:30 am even though we're home! Also, it's very good if  Cooper can tolerate you being in another room while he's in his pen. Teddy still doesn't like it when I am working in the office if he's in his pen and can't see me.
Thanks for the responses everyone! You've made me feel a lot better. First full day out of sight, in the office, (except for the breaks) and Cooper did okay. Ironically, the one accident he DID have was after work when I was out hanging out with him. This guy's bladder is so unpredictable.



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