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I spotted this guy on Craigslist. Not sure if anyone involved in one of the doodle rescue groups might be able/willing to reach out and see if they would be willing to surrender? Not sure how such things work, but these sort of Craigslist ads always leave me worried for the animal's future/well being :(

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Awwww - I hope he goes to a good home

The poster is a BYB, and this is a female, most likely one who was intended for breeding and has a health issue that derailed those plans. I'll forward to our volunteers in the Pacific NW.

Thank you! 

Usually when they want $, they won't relinquish to DRC, but we can try.

Any time you see a doodle listed on CL and there is a phone number, google the number. If it's a breeder, all kinds of puppy ads will come up in a search.

Look at the filth in that picture--ugh! I hope she is saved--the post has been removed.

I noticed that too. :( 
Somebody flagged the post, because it's against the so-called CL rules to sell pets there. I did save the phone number and passed it on to our volunteer, so hopefully she can reach out. 

I saw that too...poor sweetheart.



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