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Meg is never a name I would have picked for any pet but, considering we were her fourth home in the first four months of her life we didn't want to change one more thing for her. If we had know her complete personality it may have been different. She is totally the nosiest dog I have ever had.

If the neighbors come or go she sets in the window the entire time they are in their driveway or front yard. If runners or walkers come down our road she moves from window to window until they are gone. She knows we drive white vehicles so if one of us is gone from home and she sees a white vehicle go by she checks the driveway to see if it is pulling in. If she goes to the yard she goes first to the neighbors side to see what is going on or if their dogs are out, taking care of business only after that is all checked out.

If you haven't guessed yet we have taken to calling her Mrs. Kravetz. You probably have to be of a certain age to get that but we think we are funny every time we call her that. So frequently that she now responds if we call for Mrs. Kravetz. Seriously the nosiest dog in the world. Wouldn't have her any other way.

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So if Meg were a purebred show dog, her name might be as follows:

CH. Judy of Doodle Kisses Mrs. Kravetz, call name "Meg". 


You are lucky to have such protection :)
I guess I am of that certain age, because I certainly remember Mrs. Kravitz! I have been known to call Gavin Nosy Parker for many of the same reasons you listed.

All of my sense of humor seems to be that age bracket.  Many times when people ask my dog's names and I say Polly Wolly Doodle, my age group remembers the song and sees the humor, younger people shrug and youngest people just think it is funny to say.  Another one of those times I thought I was hilarious and found out it is a generational thing...

That's funny! If she were in my house she would be renamed Grandma - she was our Mrs. Kravetz!

Funny!  I totally remembered the name Mrs. Kravetz, and could picture her face but I could absolutely not remember the show she was on - I was thinking Little House on the Prairie?, Anne of Green Gables? and I had to google it!  Cannot believe I didn't remember the show - I think I watched every episode! 

How cute!  Kravetz was a pet name for my husband.  He always knew who was out mowing, kids home for the weekend, and all the latest gossip.  He would also go door to door to see what was going on.  LOL!  Love it! 

HA! I have two like that--no one can move a muscle without them knowing it!  The third one lets the know something is happening and then goes back and lies down while they spend hours bags also need thorough investigation.

LOL...I like the name :)

If only it was a food :)

:-} Very funny!  Our newest doodle is a re-home and we felt that we shouldn't change his name specifically because we are his 3rd or 4th home, but we realized early on that Charlie must not have been his name for very long because he didn't respond to it.  Perhaps he is Mrs. Kravitz' son because he is extremely nosey also.



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