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Just heard from surgeon - surgery was successful, he's awake now and resting comfortably. All went smoothly. They removed the spleen with two masses - it will take 5-7 days for results from the lab. He said he thinks it's a 50/50 chance now of cancer. a lot better odds than where we were a few weeks ago.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. We thought Winston had hemangiosarcoma (see here) but now we aren't so sure.

We've consulted with a great oncologist - best in the region. Last week Tuesday we took him in and things looked pretty grim. Winston's Thrombocytopenia (a secondary condition to the tumor on his spleen, which causes internal bleeding due to low platelets in the blood) was acting up. He had zero platelets and only 18% red blood cells, so was seriously anemic and had started some small internal bleeds that the doc thought was going to get worse. He told us Winston was too far advanced and would likely bleed out in the coming days or else his heart would give out. He offered us a solution that would keep him going to the weekend - a low dose shot of chemo and tripled his cyclosporine medication. He said it was a shot in the dark, he was doubtful it would work but it might help for a few days.

We were obviously devastated. We cancelled everything and took off the next day for the cottage to spend his last few days in comfort. He was really weak and indeed showing signs of internal bleeding. 

But then suddenly it all stopped. He perked up. We were surprised but hopeful. He slowly started eating again. His stools were normal-ish again. The red spots all around his body disappeared. His gums turned pink again. By the end of the weekend he was playing with the ball again and was eating full meals and then some. Tuesday took him in for another blood test and we were all blown away. Whatever the oncologist did completely turned him around. His platelets shot up well into normal and his red blood cell count was just below normal.

After discussing with the oncologist and regular vet yesterday we decided to bring him in for another ultrasound to check what's going on - best radiologist in the area and the only one the Oncologist trusts. Based on the results, we will decide to do surgery or not to remove the spleen. Because as it turns out, after all of this, the actual tumor might still be benign. The Oncologist said it's about a 40% chance that it's benign. It's a gamble but I'm willing to take those odds.

So Winston is currently on route to Montreal, chauffeured by my wonderful boyfriend who's been a star and taking care of Winston (and me) during this difficult time. I'm waiting anxiously for the results of the ultrasound but if he goes to surgery we will go back tomorrow to visit, and stay the night in a hotel so we can *hopefully* take him home on Saturday to recover. 

Winston needs all your Thoughts and Prayers (TAPS) today!

Here he is resting and recovering by the fire at the cottage.

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What a relief that he's out of surgery. We are all sending positive energy his way and to you and your boyfriend, as well. 

This is such good news! I hope Winston has a quick and uneventful recovery. 

I am so happy for all of you! What a relief! Hoping and praying Wilson continues to heal well.

Sending light, love and healing to Winston and all of you...things seem to be moving in a positive direction Sherri. ❤️❤️❤️

We're thinking of Winston with our fingers crossed for benign pathology. Hang in there!

Finnegan and I are sending positive hopes and prayers to you, your boyfriend and, of course, Winston. Hope you can take him home tomorrow and that he has a good recovery.

sending positive thoughts from myself and my doodle Mila,, your ontario canada friends,, a true Thanksgiving gift  

Hoping and praying for the best outcome possible for your sweet boy!  

I am thrilled to learn Winston did well with surgery. I hope.he continues to improve, and quickly, as well as.thoroughly. Fingers crossed!

Good news!  Keeping Winston in our thoughts and hoping for the best recovery possible.  Hang in there.

Thanks All! He's doing great this morning. I'm going to visit him tonight. Can't wait to see him!

Please kiss his nose for us! :)



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