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This is a link to a growth chart for Goldendoodles. I don't know if it is applicable to Labradoodles but, it may be pretty close. The rule of thumb is to double the weight at four months and add up to 10 pounds.
Either using the growth chart or the rule of thumb estimation - it appears that my Holly, who was about 35 pounds at 4 months and is close to 50 pounds at 6-month will be well over 70 pounds at full growth.
This is hard to believe of the little puppy who was 7 3/4 pounds at seven weeks when I got her from Cheyenne valley Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, north of Dallas, TX.
Heather Goines picked Holly out of the litter for us. I was a little apprehensive having a breeder pick my dog but, Heather did a wonderful job. We could not imagine a better, smarter or more loving Doodle than our Holly.
Here is Holly at 7 weeks and 7 3/4 pounds and Holly at 6 months and just under 50 pounds. What a change! She is now an adolescent.

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Thanks for posting that. It works for labradoodles too...I think most large dogs to some degree. Rosco was 10 lbs per month until he hit 8 months or so. So at 4 months he was exactly 40lbs and topped out at 85--which is as big as is he can be without being chubby.
Did you know you can embed Holly's pictures right into your post? Above the box you are typing in click on the little blue/green box and select the picture off your computer or using the image url from smugmug and voila:

Thanks, I was wondering how to do this...
she's gorgeous...and a tad bigger then my Paddington, so maybe he will be 55-65lbs what the breeder told us...but I don't know he seems so much bigger then a meer 29lbs at 4 months currently...we'll just have to see I guess. :)

Holly totally looks like a teenager! "Like com' on Dad, do I really need a picture right now.....gees" Ha.
haha i second the teenager look!
Sidiqi is a beautiful boy. I'd love to see more pictures of this great little guy. I always get a warm feeling when I see a Doodle.
The problem with weighing Holly is that unless we go to the vet and use their scale, I have to get on a home scale, weigh myself and then pick up Holly and have my wife look at what we both weigh (I can't see the dial when Holly is in my arms). Then I subtract my weight from the total giving me Holly's weight.
This is getting more and more difficult as Holly is getting bigger. Of course, I don't weigh her every day like I did when she was a puppy and gaining from 8 ounces to a pound every day.
I don't think the rule of thumb works for minis...I think it's a standard thing. Even Rosco who is 85 lbs full grown stopped growing in weight at 8 months (altho the rule of thumb did predict his weight).
Halas was 13.6 lbs at 4 months, so based on the formula, he'd be somewhere around 35 lbs when full grown. He just turned 13 months, and he's only 23.5 lbs now, so I don't think the formula will work for him. I expect him to fill out a little bit (he's a skinny little guy, but his fluff makes him look big), but I'll be surprised if he gets to 27 lbs. Halas is a mini, so maybe the formula works better with standards.
Is there a formula for mini/mediums?
I definitely don't think it works for minis. Chewie stays right around 25# and has since about 7 months old...he's now almost 15 months.
What a beautiful dog. Is she a Fl or Flb? She is just so pretty.
My Sadie has changed sooo much since she was a little one. In fact, she does not even look like the same
dog. She is a miniature goldendodle Flb and she is almost 19mo and weights only 16 lbs. When we picked her
up, she was red and now she is a light apricot. I love her so much. She is the love of my life.



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