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5 Newfie/Pood Pups
Newfoundland Dog,Standard PoodleMix

Size: Large
Age: Baby

5 puppies - all 4 months old 2 black males 1 black & white male 1 black female 1 black & white female these are extremely sweet puppies. they melt in your arms & love to be held & petted. unfortunately, they came from a very neglectful situation in a puppy mill & they are working through several issues right now as a result. they get along great with other dogs & once they figure out that they will not be having to go hungry, we are sure that they will be fine with other dogs around the food bowl. crate training is not going well yet do to some intestinal parasites. these puppies will all need to be shaved down to start fresh with their beautiful coats. These puppies came from a puppy mill, where they didn't get the best start on life. We are getting them ready for adoption as we speak, the yare so sweet and just really want to have great homes. Adoption Fee $200.00

This pet is up to date with routine shots.

Mishawaka, IN

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I know what you are doing is proactive and caring and I applaud your effort...........but Adina has stated she would like any puppy/dog sales to be posted elsewhere on the site. Please be curtious to her and other members by following the rules.

As stated by Adina in a post over the week-end: "In an effort to keep the flow of education and conversation alive and to prevent the 'clogging up' of the forum and blogs with ads I ask that all Litter Sales and Puppy Sales ads and notices be posted only in our two puppy sales groups:"

Thank you!
Hi Tam...This is not a breeder posting...This is a rescue posting..... and I posted because there are members of Doodle Kisses who have expressed an interest in Newfiepoos........
I take that to mean ALL ads....I could be wrong, but I don't think so. This really does clog up the forum.
Excuse me...but I thought that I was the Doodle Police here!
And pardon me but rescuing and rehoming abused "Doodles" (and from my understanding as per Adina that encompasses "Retriever/Poodle" mixes and Newfipoos qualify) is certainly more relevant than plenty of other rediculous postings on here that "clog up the forum!"
We all posted at the same time. Adina will have to let us know what she wants..... Maybe someone should start a group for Doodles for sale that aren't labra or golden?
Everything is fine. Tamara meant well...Jacquie meant well. No worries.... I'm a big fan of freedom and liberty for all and as much as this site's focus is labradoodles and goldendoodles--I really don't mind off-topic discussion or rescue posts. Some things might work better in groups, but heck I wrote a post about my laundry issues not too far back. This is a community of doodle loving people who are also friends and sharing stuff you think others of our doodle loving friends might find interesting is okay.
Thanks Adina, I agree and honestly thought it was fine to post the litter once I read the whole post. I was trying to defuse the situation.... I think the title made it sound a bit more like a sale. It's better now. I'm all for rescue and helping these pups find a home. :o)

If a breeder did have pups for sale that aren't labra or goldnen where would they post them? NAR's and schnoodles are pretty popular.
Thanks so much Tamara for your concern. However I really was referring to breeder sales ads not rescue notices. I think it is useful to know when there is a rescue need. I suppose both could be seen the same way...there is a rescue group...but I really don't have a preference on this. Talk amongst yourselves on this one... and see what you prefer. Maybe urgent rescue needs are better for the main forum and general available rescue listings better for Rescue Group since they are not 'urgent'? I honestly don't care either way....
Thank you for clarifying Adina....I changed the discussion title...FYI- I'm removing any of my old discussions regarding rescue dogs that are now adopted so that it doesn't clog up the forum if that helps??...: )
It's really don't have to remove any old posts or do anything to this one. Rescue posts are fine.
At first I thought that too, BUT... They really aren't for sale, their rescues. Also, their not goldendoodles or labradoodles, so there really isn't a sale spot for them....



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