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"NEW" Slideshow

It's that time again! Its a New Year and time for a "New" slideshow. This one is really open to your interpretation. Please tag photos of y…

Started by Lori, Daphne, Lucy & PippaLatest Reply

The HDA is back in Walla Walla...what shall become of it?

Since I've got the HDA medal in my possession, I thought this might be the best time to address its future.  (There will be a future, we ju…

Started by Adina PLatest Reply

Discussions Replies Latest Activity

No-Hide Salmon Chews Has anyone used these or know anything about them? Just m…

Started by Debbie and Toby

22 33 minutes ago
Reply by TeddyToyDoodle

Update on story about doodles shot by robber--a new law proposed.

This happened in my neck of the woods--so terrible--now the woman who owned the dogs has helped to make this happen...The law, named for Ki…

Started by Ginny Nightingale

4 1 hour ago
Reply by Amy and Annabelle

Puppy with chronic diarrhea and blood in stool...

Hello, I am a new member of this group, as well as a new dog owner. I have a 5 month old labradoodle. She has had off and on diarrhea since…

Started by Cynthia Corsetti

23 4 hours ago
Reply by Karen & Jackdoodle

Groomer in Naples, Florida

Hi, I am looking for a new groomer down in the Naples, Florida, area. I drive too far and pay too much, and would love to find someone new…

Started by Laurie, Wally & Charlotte

3 6 hours ago
Reply by sandy b

swallowed a tampon

Our 5 yr old Lilly, got into my daughters tampons. She ripped the wrappers off and chewed the plastic applicators. There is one tampon unac…

Started by jeanne & Lilly

15 14 hours ago
Reply by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie

Picking new puppy "pick of the litter" - only 3 days to pick?

Hello All! We have been wanting to get lincoln a sibling for a long time and have finally decided on a sheepadoodle. We found a reputable b…

Started by Alex

20 17 hours ago
Reply by Stella

Head bobbing

Honey had a weird night a few days ago...she seemed very tired starting around 6 pm and wanted to just lay on the floor and sleep. I put he…

Started by Kim Fine

9 yesterday
Reply by Kat and Winston

Labradoodle and goldendoodle introductory videos

What do you guys think of the below videos as introductory videos to labradoodles and goldendoodles? I'm curious to hear what you guys thin…

Started by Kaitee & Orwell

11 on Sunday
Reply by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie

Be Careful Running In Snow !

I found out something new last night thanks to my ignorance.  Be CAREFUL when playing in snow, specifically, hard snow. I was playing fetch…

Started by TeddyToyDoodle

7 on Friday
Reply by TeddyToyDoodle

Food options

My goldendoodle is about 1.5 years old and has never been motivated by food. Sometimes he eats and other times he leaves it. I have tried t…

Started by Brian P

28 on Friday
Reply by Olga S.



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